About Paddle Tribe

Our knowledge comes from years of experience, and all of us calling Destin, USA, a home for many years. We love paddleboarding, and want to share the fun with you.

When we made the decision to start Paddle Tribe Company, Est. 2.16.16, we set out not to just open another paddleboard rental company, but something different. 

What makes Paddle Tribe unique is the combination of great staff, high quality equipment, great location, and different options of rentals, tours, lessons and activities to accommodate everyone.

Julia  has worked as a manager for a leading company in the paddleboard industry for multiple years. She had organized paddleboard race series for past 6 years that included all ages, boards and conditions and has a good feel for everyone's needs.


Tyler  loves the outdoors and meeting new people. He also enjoys seeing you starting as a rookie and finishing as a pro. He loves boating, fishing and his 3 dogs. 


Heather  will transform you in yogi on the water and by the time you come back to the land you will be "ohm" with the board. She has been teaching yoga for  years and the combination of yoga and sup just make sense to her living in town surrounded by water.


Corey  has been fitness instructor for past 3 years, she teaches everything from piyo, cardio, spinning, aerobic :) you name it, but her favorite is combining yoga and water... She only laughs silently when you fall in, you could never tell she enjoys that part a lot.


We hope you enjoy paddleboarding as much as we do and can't wait to see you on the water :)